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Monday, October 11, 2010

Nice Char Siew @ Restoran Spring Golden

Sorry again for the one week "absence" excuse for the next few days there will be daily dose of yummy food reviews from me ...
The shop's facade

So...whats for today? It is a nice restaurant selling one of the best "char siew" (one type of sweet roast pork), to me the best you can find in Malaysia. It is located in Sri Muda Shah Alam (location see last paragraph)
So whats so nice about this Char Siew? The secret is it's selection of the pork and the way it is prepared. To me, a good Char Siew needs to be of a mix of fatty-lean meat part, and cooks to a bit "sticky" and a bit burnt perfection. And this shop's Char Siew just meet all those criteria. In fact, there has been a lot of reviews from newspapers and food review shows locally on this shop.

Their To die for Char Siew
My wife's order - Roast chicken & Char Siew with rice

My order - Char Siew with Noodle

This shop is open everyday, from 11a.m onwards. Business is extremely good during lunch time, even on weekends. So, the char siew is normally sold out by 1p.m . To avoid disappointment, do come early.

The shop interior - The guy in White is the BOSS
 Whats good here? The Char Siew is a must try. Their roast chicken and roast pork are not bad too. You can either eat these with rice or noodles.Price wise, it is a bit on the high side (compare to other Char Siew stall). A meal for two can easily comes up to RM15 - 20. But i assure you it is worth it, especially for their succulent Char Siew.

Another view of their yummy char siew
Their roast pork - Not bad as well but not THE best in town

How to get there? If you are coming from USJ direction heading towards Kota Kemuning on KESAS highway, exit at HICOM exit. At the traffic light, go straight and keep left to go onto the trunk road. At the next traffic light, turn right and you will see Sri Muda area with a lot of shophouses on your right. Take the first right turn after the traffic light and go straight. Restoran Spring Golden is on your right, at a corner shop.

Overall Verdict:

Super nice Char Siew, not bad roast chicken and roast pork. Fast service. But price a bit on the high side.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yummy Roast Duck at Sunrise

This is one of my favourite roast duck place within Malaysia (the other one being Beijing's Peking Duck, China). It is located in Taman Bahagia and has been around for a long time. Ask PJ folks about Sunrise Duck and chances are most, if not all will know about them. Business here is very good. They open at 11A.M daily, and normally, by 1-2 PM all ducks are finished! This is true even for weekends and weekdays.

Restaurant Sunrise's Duck

The duck is roasted to such perfection that it is so yummy not to resist. And the soup that comes with it is a bit sour and peppery, just nice to complement the duck, though not everyone likes the soup.

The super yummy Sunrise Roast Duck
Another view of the roast duck

Business here is super good during lunch time, so to avoid the crowd and sometimes disappointment, you can either pre-book, or come early, like 11:30A.M
Price here is reasonable, a bird of roast duck cost around RM35/bird.

My friend, who came down from Penang, seemed to Love this roast duck
How to get there? It is located in Taman Bahagia, nearby Taman SEA. If you are coming from Jalan 222 PJ, turn right at the traffic light in front of Maybank Jalan 222. Go straight all the way "(including 12 o'clock at a roundabout) till you come to another traffic light (which is a T-junction, and up hill). Turn left at the traffic light, and at the next traffic light, turn left again and you will see Sunrise Restaurant at your right.

Overall Verdict:
Fast service, clean environment, but a little bit hot, stuffy, and crowded. To die for Roast duck.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thai food @ Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid

Sorry for the few days of MIAs ......No worries, not "sent back" to China.
Anyway, there are many Thai food lovers in Malaysia as we are neighbour to Thailand, and in Malaysia, there are countless of Southern and Northern Thai restaurant, be it in Hawker centres, or restaurants.
As i am a fan of Northern Thai Food, (Southern Thai food = red color Tomyam, Northern Thai food = clear color tomyam soup, a quick example of differences) there is on particular that i like a lot in Klang Valley and can be my reasonable alternative than having the real deal in Bangkok myself. It is called Thai Thai and is located inside Sunway Pyramid, new wing, first floor

Restaurant Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid New Wing
The restaurant's interior

They have a nice and cosy eating environment
 Food here is quite authentic, as i have frequent Thailand a lot last time. Their tomyam (RM11/ head) is very close to real deal in Bangkok and of "clear soup" northern Thailand style.  Another nice thing i like is their coconut ice blended (RM12), nicely blend and fragrant coconut, couple with coconut flesh inside this super soothing drink, a must during a hot afternoon.

Their must try Coconut Ice Blended

Other noteworthy ala carte orders include their basil leave chicken with rice (RM15), pineapple fried rice (RM15). Service here is fast and food portion is not too big, just nice. Environment here is very nice and cosy.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Basil Leave Chicken with rice

Their Tomyam Soup - Super Yummy

Overall verdict: 
Cosy and nice environment, authentic Northern Thai food, price not overly expensive

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Organic food (Vegetarian) @ Organic Fresh Mart

Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh

Fancy a bowl of Vegetarian "Bah Kut Teh" ? Then head down to Organic Fresh Mart located at SS18. This is no ordinary vegetarian food in that it does not serve you the "Taiwanese" style vegetarian food (those with vegetarian mutton curry, vegetarian roast pork, etc. which personally i think it is unhealthy and oily), or the Indian style vegetarian. The vegetarian food menu here is quite interesting and all food here are prepared using their own organic vegetables, which are very fresh and crisp. They also have a mini mart selling all their organic produce at a very reasonable price compare to some other outlets in Klang Valley.
Among the noteworthy must try in this restaurant is their Basil Leave fried rice, and their Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh.

Organic Fresh Mart Restaurant
They have a mart to sell their organic produce too

The Basil Leave Fried Rice (RM9 if not mistaken) has a very nice basil fragrance and it's not oily at all. Portion is just right for a guy, but maybe a bit too large for typical Malaysian Ladies.
The Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh (RM10 if not mistaken), on the other hand, taste just like normal Bah Kut Teh (interesting as no pork is used in the preparation of this dish), and in fact, to me, better than some of the bah kut teh stalls in Klang Valley. The herbs used created the same bah kut teh aroma in this special concortion, and it is laden with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and other Chinese herbs. Very yummy.
Service here is fast and efficient, and the ambience is nice, quiet, and air conditioned.

Their Basil Leave Fried rice - Yummy
The "Greedy" meal i ordered - Fried Rice + Bah Kut Teh

How to get there? If you are coming from Sunway direction, take 12 o'clock at the persiaran roundabout and go straight all the way until you reach SS18 area. Organic Fresh Mart is on the first row of SS18 shop lots at your left (no turnings all the way from Bandar Sunway, just keep go straight until you come to SS18)

Final Verdict: 
Nice and fresh, healthy vegetarian food (halal also), quiet environment, good service.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Coffee Club in Singapore

When it comes to cuppa of coffee, most will mention the likes of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, even Old Town, or Mc Cafe (for Singapore). But The Coffee Club ??? That was what on my my mind when my wife told me they have better coffee than Starbucks. Hmmm that's worth check it out.

The coffee Club branch in Takashimaya 

The Coffee Club basically is a 100% local Singapore brand, with the owner being a young and successful entrepreneur. It already has many branches in Singapore and business is brisk. Queues are expected before you are being ushered in to be seated.

Their Banana Butterscotch Coffee Latte
Their Berry Smoothy - Yummy
Hazelnut Latte with Honey Glazed Chicken

They have quite a wonderful selections of sandwiches and western food menu for food (Price between SGD 10 - 15) , some pretty nice cakes and ice creams for desserts, and being a coffee connoisseur, of course they have a wide variety of coffee, latte, and mocha to choose from (Price between SGD6 - 15). They even have some mojito and smoothies which are also nice.

Their Chicken Sandwich - Super nice!
Chicken Sandwich - Close up
Honey Glazed Chicken - So so only

Another worth mentioned local competitor will be  The Coffee Connoisseur or in short (TCC). Will blog about it next round.

Overall Verdict: 
Nice ambiance, not too expensive price, very nice sandwiches menu, so-so main courses, to-die for dessert, and very nice coffee/mocha/smoothies varieties.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Qiu Zhao" Bah Kut Teh at Kelana Jaya

Fancy a bowl of transparent/whitish color of bah kut teh? (Unlike the conventional dark soup base) Then look no further, head down to Restoran Yi Xin at Kelana Jaya to try it out yourself.

The bah kut teh is served in bowls, not in claypot, but when it is presented to us, it is piping hot (so no worries of cold soup). The best part of this bah kut teh is the soup. The soup base is white/transparent but yet the aroma and taste of bah kut teh, especially the herbs are all there, making it very yummy, and not that oily. Besides bah kut teh, there is also vegetables, side dishes like pork trotters in vinegar, preserved vegetables ("mui choi"), and many others to complement the bah kut teh.

The white color bah kut teh soup base. YUMMY
What we ordered on that day
The fresh and crisp vegetable

They only serve normal white rice though, a bit to my little disappointment as Yam rice or oily rice will enhance the meal, in my humble opinion. Business here is very good and it is a well established setup in this area for many years already, so there are many regular and loyal patrons.

Price wise, it is a bit on the high side but not too much. We ordered a bah kut teh (for 3 person), a plate of vegetable, a side dish, a bowl of yao char kuay, a pot of chrysanthemum tea, extra mushrooms, and 3 bowl of rice and the bill came up to RM54.

How to get there? If you are travelling on LDP heading towards Puchong direction (U turn at taman Megah exit if you are coming from Puchong/sunway direction), slow down when you pass the Kelana Jaya LRT station, and turn left at the first left turn available to you after you pass the LRT station. There is a row of shop houses and Restoran Yi Xin is in the middle lot of this shop row.

This restaurant is open everyday from 10AM onwards. 

Overall verdict: 

Different type of soup base compare to conventional bah kut teh. Tasty food. Clean environment, good and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini Round up of Dry Chilli Pan Mee Tour

So, after visiting 3 of the famous Dry Chilli Pan mee shops in Klang Valley within a week, i think it is good to do a short summary. (Ratings below are strictly personal. Taste may differ from individual to individual)

To me, a perfect bowl of dry chilli pan mee needs to score in all the following departments (Min 1 , Max 5):

  1. The noodle - Texture must be just nice, not too thick, not too thin, and taste smooth and feels solid, not hollow. 
  2. Poached egg - Must not be "hard boiled egg". The yolk must be watery, but not too watery as well. Kin Kin has the best among the 3 for poached egg. Also, consistency must be taken into considerations. 
  3. Anchovies - A very important ingredient. Must be crispy and super fragrant. Must not be hard and non crispy. 
  4. Topping - Misc toppings other than anchovies that makes the pan mee overall blends well and taste good with the chilli. 
  5. Chili Flakes - The MOST important ingredient for Chili pan mee. Must not be too oily, or too dry. Must packs the oomph, and must not taste too salty.
  6. Overall Look - The dry chilli pan mee, no matter how tasty, must be presentable and looks appetizing when it is served in front of you. 
  7. Aroma / Taste - After blending all the ingredients in, it must taste and smells good. But this is more subject to individual taste buds. 
  8. Soup - Ideally should come together with the noodle. Also, it should be made fresh and hot. The soup, a lot of people are not aware, is also suppose to "cool down" the spiciness of the chili.
  9. Eating environment - A few factors to consider here, stuffy/cooling ? Hygiene of the stall and food preparation, service of the restaurant, attitude of the owner. 
Overall, the scores are as per below (personal ratings)

                                        Kin Kin           Face To Face        Super Kitchen
  1. The noodle  :            5                            4                            3.5
  2. Poached Egg :          5                            4                            3
  3. Anchovies :              5                            4                             5 
  4. Toppings :                5                           3.5                           4
  5. Chilli Flakes :           5                             2                            5 
  6. Overall Look :         4                             4                            5
  7. Aroma / Taste :        5                            4                            4 
  8. Soup :                      3                           4                             5
  9. Eating Environment : 2                           5                             4
          TOTAL                 39/45                   34.5/45                 38.5/45

What do you think ? Do share your opinions if you have tried any of the 3 shops above.

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